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A huge research gap exists in many sectors and issues in Myanmar. After embarking on the democratic transition, a plethora of social problems that remained unearthed for a long time, have come to surface. For both local and international humanitarian and development agencies and policy advocates, trying to understand these issues demands in-depth study. This is where our research and consultancy services come into play. The Bridge offers a range of quality research and consultancy services tailored to the needs of the clients in both non-profit and private sectors.

The Bridge’s Data entry and Management Team
The Bridge’s Data Entry and Management Team
The Bridge’s Data Entry and Management Team
The Bridge’s Data Entry and Management Team









Since Myanmar has reconnected to the world after decades-long isolation, it has been recognised as a growing market with many potentials for international investors and firms seeking to tap into. Good news to those thinking of expanding your business in Myanmar, The Bridge offers market research for your businesses. In addition to market research, we provide consultancy services on CSR programming to support evidence-based programming for both private companies and the affected communities in Myanmar. We can provide you with a variety of options at your disposal.

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