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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme Design and Implementation

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme Design and Implementation

With our cross-cutting experience, we possess a deep understanding of the needs of both private companies and the communities they affect in Myanmar. Modern CSR has evolved beyond tokenistic corporate philanthropy to encompass a much broader range of obligations in areas including environmental protection and sustainability, labour and human rights, diversity and inclusion. As well as increasingly a legally mandated requirement, international and national companies increasingly see the value in investing in these areas, with both an ethical and moral obligation as well as the social return on investment and community ‘buy-in’ that can be generated by well-designed CSR activities. Companies operating in developing economies often seek professional services in designing and delivering more long-term social investment projects, that may work directly with their employees and/or the communities impacted by their activities.

With experience working with a range of communities in Myanmar as part of CSR and private sector social investment services, our team has experience at every stage of the CSR project cycle. We can offer a comprehensive range of design research elements as outlined in accompanying service areas including social and market research, surveys, and scoping and feasibility studies. Design services can extend to detailed project strategies, and management of subsequent project implementation in a range of areas. With a pool of expert consultants, these can include human and labour rights, livelihoods and skills training, environmental protection, education, humanitarian assistance and others.  With experience in project evaluation we are also able to offer either standalone CSR evaluation services, or integrated within a project management package.

Our team’s experience in CSR programme design and implementation includes conducting a detailed scoping study and market analysis, followed by feasibility study, to inform design of a major multi-national company’s pilot social investment project in the livelihoods sector in rural Myanmar. Our personnel then were instrumental in start-up, day-to-day management, and mid and endline evaluation of the resulting two-year project, implemented in a challenging remote area. The project achieved significant results in strengthening community livelihoods and climate-smart agricultural practices and received high praise in final presentation of results to regional representatives of the client.

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